Sample Seminar Agenda

Exercise: Gather and Curate

  1. Gather all seminar attendees in a single digital space
    1. Note: It is up to you, together, to decide where. However, it must be a space that is asynchronous. In other words, it must be available to continue communicating even after we complete the seminar. Inviting people to a temporary Zoom meeting would not work.
  2. It is important that all of you gather in the same space, so please try your best! It might be easiest to meet immediately before our session begins.
  3. Share a piece of content with the group related to the process of digital convening
  4. Agree on the top article shared (you get to decide the criteria and process for selection)

As you go through the exercise, make sure to take notes on the following:

  1. How is this gathering process similar and different from physical gatherings?
  2. What are the characteristics of the digital space you chose? For example, can you articulate its features and utility boundaries?
  3. What types of emotions surfaced during this gathering and curation process?
  4. What were some key tensions and “aha” moments you perceived?

Please keep me involved in all communications. I will act as a passive observer and join the digital space. No judgement though, there are no “wrong answers” only fun stories to talk through on Thursday.


  • Part 1: The Calling (10am-10:30am)
    • Introductions
    • Discussion: “What does it mean to convene online?”
  • Part 2: An Adventure (10:30am-12pm)
    • Exercise 1: Mapping our journey (actions, status and signals, technology)
    • Exercise 2: Comparing physical convenings to digital ones
  • Lunch Break (12pm-1pm)
  • Part 3: Trials and Tribulations (1pm-2pm)
  • Part 4: Return Home (2pm-3pm)
    • Exercise 3: How do these technological changes influence physical convenings?
    • Wrap-Up / Closing Thoughts