Becomings (Poetry)

Becomings (Poetry)

ARTISANS 1, 14-07-2021

I want quality craft. I want to go broke on beauty. Fill my digital life with soul, heritage, utility take my coin fool No trick, heavy sweat and tears of time.

ARTISANS 2, 22-07-2021

our fire upon the deep a call to heritage that echoes :::: among you, then among me our soul unlocks us to see a gift of hands to shape woes :::: among clay, a renaissance key our tenacious rhythms bleed primal drums from familial cores :::: among sky, the stars heed

ARTISANS 3, 31-07-2021

willing flames as vectors my eyes flicker in visions of hues let’s fly across voluminous tethers careful flutter on evening dues

weaving archaic sets of wisdom my lifelong craft calls to smite let’s climb yonder horizons to them steady architect cathedrals of light

ARTISANS 4, 05-08-2021

of a home that never was, may be

Shifting souls between the coral,

coloring visions of willing sand

We, emerge far through each other,

unto unknown land

Tinker with, learn, yearn

for more than we’ve earned.

A gift of love, a kiss of craft,

a moving river ever born


ARTISANS 5, 15-08-2021

Thrones of abundance () Inherited by the makers Oversights of guides () Shall pass beyond you

Hands upon clay <> Pull thin veils apart And through the black glass <> Mine value from grit

The makers persist {} Patience, purpose, play Measurements await {} But not today ,,,,

ARTISANS 6, 25-08-2021

The clouds have parted A clear good morning emerges As the artisan inherits their due

The reckoning barely begun A frenzy of delightful surges As the craft envelops us anew

The moons have been many A wait long gone beauty purges As we rejoice the welcomed muse

ARTISANS 7, 27-08-2021

the land of yes and let us become, ancestry pride we, who descend from unknown giants, who together will define

Ethos, epoch, seasons Collections of campaigns Agents with new masks May provenance guide us

Them? No. We must land on Better worlds, architects of Fresh needed words

ARTISANS 8, 03-09-2021

We build for lore, for myth, for redemption.

To wake up with glass eyes and ponder along the beyond.

We look up to the mountain and know we must start the journey.

And once known, the craft of sharing begins - to show others the beauty that was revealed.

ARTISANS 9, 05-09-2021

… … The sirens call :::: sweetly and strongly it is a matter, of time A craft of heritage and community. it is an anchor, the muse subtlety and succinctly The sirens call :::: … …

ARTISANS 10, 12-09-2021

It is yet a day of sun. We pilgrims mourn.

The calm of the evening; A soft bed; Pause;

Unfolding blossoms take our hand and lead us astray among stars. A new illusionary latitude Fortuitously laid among us.

We had not seen before the dreams that could become.

ARTISANS 11, 22-09-2021

It is before sunrise wind propels us forth and the fresh dew blesses our path on the edge of the world curvatures of color instill breath and our calloused hands grip our craft within enveloped auras the journey meets silent demands and a steady pace transforms our past

ARTISANS 12, 05-11-2021

we, the builders and crafters, know the clay of this earth

not through our eyes, but through the hands of ascendants

not through our words, but through the lore of community

It is not of this realm what we seek For if it was, it would be the past: We seek the better now.

Blue Eyes
BLUE EYES 1, 15-07-2021

GET THE HYPE. Blistered eyes yet the squad seduces Y’al know this a scam rite? Left for more in the early Too late to jump in “ItS ARt” :: meme-punked ::

BLUE EYES 2, 25-07-2021

Streams of furious sculptures A take, on our aura’s flows

Sub-instants of data mixtures A hook, on our mental pose

Sinuous grids of cyber gravatars A bind, on our network cores

Sinking layers of glowing coins A tempt, on our greedy mores

Yet promise remains, yield forth

BLUE EYES 3, 06-08-2021

p. a. r. t. Y? coz I gotta swarm to the tribal drums glued to the flow harmonised minds :::::::::: ———— eyes on the prize

f. u. n? we just wanna stomp to the heartbeat non-negotiable wgmi blick block :::::::::: ———— trophy, no surprise

BLUE EYES 4, 07-08-2021

Pixie dust on divergent moods Converge in generations of cues ::~:: We become fractal royalty

Our gods among us Swarm between our thumbs ::~:: We shape fractured casualty

In spires of mason-built verses Spinsters of diamond curses ::~:: We hold infinite certainty

BLUE EYES 5, 16-08-2021

Dive in, feed ourselves nuggets of delight. A nutrition plan has been defined By our attention speculation

It is always time, gorge on the river streams of sight. A weary traveller to settle on site By our collective temptation

Cling on, Shift the strings of the kite. A force of wind yet we can glide By nudging murmurations

We are in the (k)now, Imbued with patterns of mimes. A system learns more than its gears By novel intuitions

BLUE EYES 6, 17-08-2021

Black stones A magnet of suffocated affirmation Out of the corner of my eye An addiction to optionality

I know. We know. The glass is always dreamier For the other in-groups be dammed

The promise of passion A seer of crystals We do not what we’ve done A great gift to commit

Alas - the albatross circles

BLUE EYES 7, 18-08-2021

Crammed community Here to shape Here to build Here to vote

Compressed identity The servers are running ape The flows are stacked cold The threads are breaking moats

Collected focus If only, stop If only, hold If only, sift

The flood is here, gargantuan messiah of tomorrow.

BLUE EYES 8, 03-09-2021

Rabid, eyes see the loot, Uncounted stories blossom from within our repressed agency. Shall we serve the mob? Won’t the other shoe drop?

Aye, a revolutionary binary, Distorted in new realms from which we covet old gods. A generational opportunity? Won’t we end up breaking?

BLUE EYES 9, 03-09-2021

I run, fast.

The ground shifts and harmonises, as the swarm dances it’s rhythm beneath me;

I fly, far.

Held still when gaps emerge and I float as the squad envelops around me;

I know, little.

The breadth of focus is immediate, For I see now, not much else beyond me;

BLUE EYES 10, 23-09-2021

Gaze upon the human marvel, collective insight worthy of awes

Hypnotised by an efflux of whispers, effervescent synced thoughts

Do we know each other? Deeply, with intimate patterns in a lexicon bourn

We are identity not known to each other, hoping for us yet already sewn

BLUE EYES 11, 26-09-2021

We move as shadows among bits Identity enthralled into the mesh Between the trax, is the trick Gentle stern characters’ wish

Workers’ dream brick by brick Raising social citadels, new space Dust, ash, tears in sacred graphics Liminal shapes become surface

BLUE EYES 12, 28-09-2021

ghost hands reach on dry eyes drag on

scroll through halogen halls pieces, puzzles, drab play over the load

we all in this now late night, burn out can’t. stop. pop.

the infinite opportunity demands

we craft on.

BLUE EYES 13, 01-10-2021

The flow, intoxicated veins. At 4am, we vibe wide awake. Read, write, own: No option but to build.

A tribal offer of voice and sweat — Given freely, openly: A new beginning demands it. There is only us, If not who else?

The time is now. A new story, my NPC.

Redemption awaits.

BLUE EYES 14, 12-01-2021

Imagine our ghosts.


Hollow fractal memory palaces, living in a time machine of our own design,

travelling across the empty spaces of our focus.

It is but a mere look that taunts us, incites our grim skin.

And yet, what if they are not cursed? What if they were blessed?

It is but a mere look that taunts us, incites our grim skin.

And yet, what if they are not cursed? What if they were blessed?

BLUE EYES 15, 29-07-2021

We imbue our dreams with the flow of time,,, Blocks sit along each other; Our set's rhythm caught. Muses are born anew as alien mimes. To craft an index of knowledge; an archive sought.

Can we see now? Can we gather? Travelling with us, without. Among us, without.

BLUE EYES 16, 06-06-2023

Cover thy ears Cover thy eyes Cover thy hands Cover thy mouth

dream the dream, and so we sleep

CHASM 1 07-09-2021

Thunder, under the stand: Castle gates hold the barbarians. And yet portals need not emerge to find paths through puzzles

Stewards, once the loyal need: Lock and key protect the tribe. And yet glass need not fracture to see the beauty beyond stone

There is a storm coming.

CHASM 2 07-09-2021

High tides turn ;;; beats sink into sand. Our footing quiet… Crests leave the mark.

Midday sun afloat ;;; pauses hide silence. Our body stone… Streams build the journey.

Low fidelity echoes ;;; waves sift into frames. Our heart still… Flows announce the home.

CHASM 3 25-09-2021

Our voice echoes Yellow halls with no windows Without glasses, our vision a blur Calling softly, not to bother

How can we request a bargain? Engaging amoral mazes sigh The carpet is thick under our feet Gripping our preference for delight

The sky is wide A smirk, a collective snide So much more to explore…

CHASM 4 30-09-2021

A gift of the world I would give if I could. Alas - it is not mine to share; It is ours to build.

Instead I pray and give you tools of community, love, generosity. I’ll empty my souls among you and make you human mighty.

Moloch may not hold us For you and I collude among stars.

TRAVELER 1 12-10-2021

A dark forest hypnosis We are a part without guide. Awakening earthly gnosis:

an intuitive becoming — reading ascendant signs.

The woods subtly whisper, waters speak and branches creak. A pause, feel the growth together:

sense of time lost weaving — new stems blossom keys.

TRAVELER 2 07-11-2021

feel the river flow, the grass under my feet: Stone steps, a foundation

I can hear the laughter, the friends in my family: Embraced, a blessing

I can taste our flavours, the food of our culture: Rich bread, a gratitude