Exploring the Collectives for the Six Economies of Online Creators

Customer MagnitudeEconomy NameCollective DynamicSource
πŸ‘‘Β 100k followers @ $1 / year
Join a *Hype House* with shared audience for ads / micropayments and stronger B2B negotiation power.
πŸš™ 10k transactions @ $10 / year
Gig Economy (Broker Agents)
Join a new *Union / Association* which employs a shared workforce
πŸ₯‡Β 1000 fans @ $100 / year
Micro-Influencer (e.g. Newsletter)
Join a *Network* of micro-leaders with shared paying client base
πŸ›ŽΒ 100 sponsors @ $1000 / year
Passion Economy (e.g. personal coaches)
Join Specialty *Community* of Niche Consultants / Coaches / Artists with shared tech enablers
πŸ’ŽΒ 10 patrons @ $10k / year
Indie Economy (e.g. independent contractors)
Join an *Lab/Guild* of Independent Contractor with a shared B2B portfolio and tech enablers
πŸ‘”Β 1 employer @ $100k per year
Traditional Employment
You’re part of the *Company*, as a full time employee or a contractor. You're employment may be flexible across an partnership of companies.